When you start with ChurchDesk you automatically get your first 100 SMS free of charge. 

Once you have used them you can buy packages of SMS with a discount. This allows you to easily control your usage and get the best price to fit your needs. We will automatically notify you when you are about to run out of SMS with an in-app notification.

You can buy any of the packages by simpy writing us at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#fb888e8b8b94898fbb98938e8998939f9e8890d5989496) and we will add them immediately.

**Prices for United Kingdom**

**Prices for USA:**

Follow SMS usage

You can see how many SMS you have left here:

Click on your name in the blue toolbar
Choose ChurchDesk Settings
Click on People in the black menu on the left hand side

You can also find the overview by simply clicking this link: SMS messages
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