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Create and manage contacts

Create a contact

You can import multiple contacts at the same time, or you can create and edit a single contact individually. 

Go to People and select the People overview. Here you click  on "+ New contact" button at the top of the screen:

After which you can provide the relevant information:


Unique information can only be used once: An e-mail address or a mobile phone number can only be used once on a single contact. It is unique information, which we use to recognise the contact during import or synchronisation

Edit contact

Go to People. In the top right corner you find the search field, which you can use to easily find the contact that you wish to edit.

When you have found the contact, you can open the contact to see more details, message history, contributions as well as the edit function.


On the profile tab, you can see and edit information about the contact.

Personal Information: to add personal information, click on 'edit' and fill in the details available to you
Household: to connect a contact as a family member, click on the green 'Add member' button
Custom information: to add additional information about the contact with the custom fields you have created, click on 'Edit' and add the information


On the activity tab, you can see emails and text messages that have been sent to this contact. You can also see if and how much this contact has contributed.


On the settings tab, you can see which tags are added to this contact. the example above there is added relevant sample tags, demonstrating how tags can be useful for tailored communication. You can remove tags on the contact by clicking the "x" on the tag itself. Message settings, here you can edit the settings for how the person should be contacted, via e-mail, SMS or both. 

Delete contact:

Choose "More" on the top right and select "Remove person".

A contact that has made a payment via ChurchDesk cannot be deleted within the first three months of the payment being made.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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