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Create, edit and delete lists

In ChurchDesk it is possible to group contacts into various lists. Lists makes it easier for you to communicate in a targeted and tailored way to a group of contacts instead of communicating with everybody in the same way. 

Some contacts might be interested in children's activities, because they have children, others are interested in senior activities and others again have an interest in concerts. A list is a group of contacts matching the same filters being tags (interests) or other criteria such as birthday, location, school etc.

The outcome is that you can send newsletters about children's activities to contacts who have expressed interest in that while sending other newsletters to contacts who have different interests.

Create a list

In People you can create liste in two different ways: via the left-hand side filter and Tags

Create list using the filter

In People you can use the filters on the left-hand side to define the criteria for belonging to a new list. You can filter based on data about the contacts including tags. You can also filter on Contributions data (behavioural data including donations or payments to e.g. concerts).  Select the filter criteria you need for this list and save by clicking "Create list". Then you simply need to provide a fitting name for the segment.

Create from Tags

If you want to create a list out of one of your tags, you simply click on "Tags" in the left side-bar. Here you have an overview of your tags. To create a list, you click on the blue "Create as list" button on the right side.

**Note**: All contacts that are created later on or at a later stage, that match the criteria defined for the list, are automatically added to the list when the tags are added to the contact. So a list is always updated automatically and no manual work is required.

Update list

Choose the list you wish to update in the drop-down in the top left corner. Go to the filter on the right to adjust your filter criteria. Save by choosing "Update" at the bottom.

Delete List

Click on "Lists" in the left side-bar. Find the list you want to delete, then click on "More" and chose "Delete list." Deleting a list will not delete the contact, that are on the list.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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