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Create personal / pastoral notes in ChurchDesk

At ChurchDesk we believe having the right tool for your private notes can have a positive impact on how clergy can exercise their pastoral care.

All users can create personal notes on the church's contacts. These notes stay personal. They cannot be shared or handed over to someone else, and can only be seen and managed by the person who created them.  

On contact:

On the 4th tab of the contact "Pastoral Notes", you can see who added a note and when, but you cannot read the note. 

Click "Add pastoral note" to create a new note or click a note, created by yourself to read and/or edit.

Overview of pastoral notes:

Select Pastoral notes in the black bar on the left when working with contacts.

You can search the notes and choose whether you want to view all notes (like here) or only your own notes. And again: You can only read and edit your own notes.

Pastoral notes are visible in the ChurchDesk Mobile App too.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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