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Create, copy and delete events in the Calendar

Create a new event in the calendar

There are two ways to create an event in the calendar. You can click "Create" in the top left corner or find the desired date in the calendar and click directly in the calendar.

You can choose to create the event with just a few details, as shown above, but if more information is needed, simply select "Edit event".

Add details about the event

Here you enter basic information such as title, start and end time, as well as location and participants. You can choose to make the event a one-day event or one that will repeat. If you don't want the end time to appear on the website, select "Hide end time".

Categories and bookings

Resources: Select resources, such as rooms and equipment. These will be reserved for your event. Other users can see what you have reserved in the calendar
Parish Calendar: Select a specific parish if there are multiple parishes to choose from (relevant for those with the Multi-parish package)
Main category: Select the main category, for example Worship. The main category determines what colour the event will be in the calendar. Category is also used to sort events on the website
Other categories: You can select other categories if you want the event to be associated with multiple categories
Users: Select other users if you want to invite them to join the event. The user chooses whether notifications should come via app, email and/or SMS

Internal note and files
Here you can write an internal note that can only be read by ChurchDesk users.

Sensitive information
You can also add sensitive information, such as social security numbers or other private information. Only users with the "Access to sensitive information" permission can access sensitive information.

Enter here the name of e.g. which priest is conducting the service. This will then appear automatically on your calendar view on the website.

Grab people's attention with a good and meaningful image. Remember to crop it for the slideshow widget if you want it to be included in the slideshow on the website.

Short description
Create a short description of the event that will appear in the newsletter.

Public description of the event
Specify here what information should be included on the event. This will be visible when you click on the event on your website.

Visibility settings
Select who should be able to see the event. The event will automatically be visible to "All users". You can also select "Public", "Groups" or "Private".
Public: The event can be shared on your website and in messages sent from Contacts. If you select this visibility, you can also restrict which groups can see internal notes related to the event.
All users: Information about the event can be seen by everyone in your church with a ChurchDesk login. However, sensitive information will still only be visible to users with this right.
Groups: The event can be viewed by everyone as "Recorded". Only group members and users with the right to edit ALL events can see all details about the event. The rest can only see which users and rooms are booked.
Private: All users can see that there is an event in the calendar. It will show which users and resources are "busy". All other information is private.

Add events in the slideshow widget on the website.

The event can be exported to Facebook. Find instructions on connecting to Facebook here.

If there is a cost to participate, you can enter the price here.

Alternative URL
Add your preferred custom event URL. It will take 1-2 minutes for URL changes to take effect on the website.


Rota: Add one or more rota tasks to be staffed read more here.

Save and send notifications

When you create or edit an event, you can send notifications to the users reserved for the event. First, you need to reserve one or more users for the event. When you save the event, click "Save and notify" and the reserved users will receive an email, app notification or text message. Each user can customise what kind of notifications they want to receive. See how you can set your notification preferences here.

Please note that when you reserve yourself for an event and click "Save and notify" yourself, ChurchDesk will not send a notification to you, only the other users who are reserved.

Copy, edit or delete an event

All events can be easily edited, copied or deleted after they have been created. When you click on the event in the calendar, a small pop-up box opens with information about the event. This is what the icons mean:

Eye: if you want to enter the event, you can click here
The pencil: if you want to edit the event, you can also click on the pencil
The two squares: click this button to make a copy of the event
The trash can: clicking on the trash can will delete the event. When you click on the trash can, ChurchDesk will ask if you are sure you want to delete the event before deleting the event
The x: clicking the x will close the pop-up box

Edit event

If you want to edit an event, you can do so as follows:

Click on the event you want to edit
Click on the pencil in the pop-up box

Copy the event

You can copy an event directly from the calendar by clicking on the event, letting the pop-up box open and then clicking on the symbol with the two squares.

You can also copy an event while editing it. Create an event or edit an existing event. Click the "More" button and select "Make a copy."

The event is now copied. If you are unsure if you have made a copy, you can check this by looking for (copy) after the event title.

Delete an event

You can delete an event directly from the calendar by clicking on the event so that the pop-up box opens and then clicking on the trash can.

After you have clicked the trash can or delete button, you will get a warning on the screen asking if you are sure you want to delete the event. If you have a repeating event, you will be given the option to delete:

Only this event
All following events
All occurrences

If there are users reserved for the event you are about to delete, you have the option to automatically notify users that the event has been deleted.

Note: All users can delete events that they have created themselves. If you want to delete an event created by another user, you need to be the administrator of the group the event is associated with. This ensures that no one accidentally deletes an important event from the calendar.

Sign-ups and attendance for the event

It is possible to add a sign-up form directly on the event or to add an existing form:

In addition, you can also add attendance directly on the event. Please note, this can be done no earlier than 30 minutes before the event starts.

For more information about posters and invitations read more here. This requires Studio, which you can find more information about here.

Updated on: 12/07/2024

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