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Create and Print a Poster

Create an event poster directly from the event in the calendar

First you need to create an event in your calendar:

Give the event an appealing title.

Select a suitable picture...
...and add a meaningful description.
If there is a registration option, be sure to add that as well.

In short - make sure you include all the information that will make the event look good on your website and that is informative.

Create your poster

Now click on "Show event details". On the right side under "More" you will find the option "Create a poster".

When you click on it, you will first see the available templates. Select a template you like and then click on "Create" at the bottom right. 

Now the poster editor opens with a preview of your poster. The information from the linked calendar event is already automatically inserted and this first version of the poster is automatically saved and linked to the calendar event. You can now edit the title, image, contributors' names and other information. Any changes you make must be saved using the button in the top right-hand corner, otherwise they will expire.

If you want to change the template, you must return to the event view and delete the current poster. You can then repeat the creation process with another template.

Print your poster

When you are satisfied with the content, you will find the print options at the top right under "Print". You will automatically receive a ready-to-print download in the format you selected.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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