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Create one or more columns in your Studio message

Step-by-Step Guide

In general the easiest solution is to find one of our pre-made templates that has the style and content that fits your preference. In here it is to modify the style and duplicate section or block as you like. In the following steps we will explain how to create columns from scratch

On the furthest right hand side in Studio you have the menu "Content" within that you can drag and drop the content option "Columns"
Take the "Columns" and drag it into you message where you want to add columns
Once you have placed this content type in your message you will now have on the right hand side the option to define how many columns you want in this area. The default option is a single column, but there is much to choose from
Now you can start adding in the content you would like, such as images, text etc.
You can for each column control what background colour you want for the specific column - click on then block area, then on the right hand side you will have "column properties". Here you can define the background colour for each column

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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