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Add an image to a Studio message (upload or image database)

Step-by-Step Guide

Upload from the file archive

When you are in the Studio editor you have a selection of tools on the right hand-side
On the furthest right hand side you have a dark grey menu bar with the options "Content", "Blocks", "Body" and "Images"
When you click on content you can add various content types to your message with drag and drop. You can select the content type "Image" and drag it into the area of the message where you want an image
Once you have done that and clicked on the element in the message then on the right hand side you'll now have a blue button for "Upload image" - here you can select from the images in your archive
In fact you can click on any image in the message and the option "Upload image" is available making it easy to switch out images

Add image from image databases

On the furthest right hand side you have the menu options "Content", "Blocks", "Body" and "Images".
Click on "Images"
Here you will have our integration into several image databases where you can search on keywords to find what you need.
You can simply drag and drop the images onto you message to add it or drag over an existing image to replace it

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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