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Create a new message in Studio

Step-by-Step Guide

Create a new Studio message

Go to ChurchDesk People
Select messages
In the upper right hand corner select "Create"
Then you will get a selection of templates that you can choose from for your message - this covers everything from Newsletters to Birthday messages

Write and Edit

Now you can add in your own content to the template that you have selected
You can edit everything in the template and make the content your own
You can also changes images, colours on everything from background colour, font colour etc.

Review and Send

When you have added your own content you can naturally review and send the message in the tab "To and From"
Define the sender by selecting the relevant user from the drop-down
Select the recipient among your lists that you have in People or choose and individual contacts as the recipient
Make sure the subject line is relevant and exciting to ensure people will open your message (you can even add emojis
Preview that everything looks right. You can preview for regular email clients or how the message will look like when received on a mobile

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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