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Room Booking

With ChurchDesk you the option to share resource availability. If you want rent out your church facilities you can easily share room availability on your homepage or via email. You can select which resources to display to visitors, so that they on their own can check availability. ChurchDesk will automatically indicate when facilities are booked.

Note that resources can not be booked directly online. You can only display when the resource is booked or available.

Choose the resource to display availability for in Taxonomies


Click on your name in the blue toolbar
Choose "ChurchDesk Settings"
Click on "Calendar" in the black menu bar on the left side
Choose the tab "Resources"
Click on "Actions" on the resource you want to display availability for by clicking the pencil button
Check of the option "Show the availability of this resource publicly"
Finally you click "Save"

Find the link at the bottom of the page for taxonomy after clicking the "Resources". You can share this link on your website and in emails.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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