With the ChurchDesk calendar you can:

Create internal and public events
Create absences
Book your team and church resources, such as rooms
Manage rotas
Register attendance

Learn more in our introduction video

_Create internal and public events
_You create events in the Calendar similar most other calendars. ChurchDesk, however gives you some special options, which is designed to fit the needs of a church. You can create your own categories for events such as Sunday service, funerals and baptism. 

Share public events via ChurchDesk
You can also create public events, which you via ChurchDesk can share on your church homepage and in newsletters.

Assign tasks to the team in your church or volunteers
When you create an event, you can also create and assign tasks to your team or volunteers which should be carried out at the event. Read more about Tasks and Planning here.

_Create absence
_Absence allows you to get an overview of when employees are available and when they are absent. That will save you from miscommunication, double work and emailing back and forth. You can create your own absence types. Read more on absences here.

_Book church resources
_A big part of the administrative work in the church is to manage the calendar and resource availability. Booking rooms, other resources and people to the church activities. You can create your resources like rooms via Taxonomies which you can read more about here.

Manage rotas

Registere attendance
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