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Location name and address for events

To let people that visit your website or receives your newsletter know where your events are taking place you can add location details when creating your events in the ChurchDesk Calendar.

The location details that you’re able to enter in ChurchDesk are (1) location name and (2) address.

What is a location name?

A location name in ChurchDesk refers to the physical location, i.e. the church name. It could also be a room such as “The crypt”. In this case, we recommend you also mention your church name such as “St Paul’s Cathedral, The crypt”.

Since your events are not always shown within the context of your website, you should consider not just writing “The church” or “Main hall”. Your events could also appear on Facebook (using the share on Facebook feature in ChurchDesk) or even when someone googles nearby events. The location name should, therefore, serve to quickly let anyone know where the event takes place.

When viewing the event visitors will be able to see the location name followed by the address

Why should you add location name and address to your events?

We here at ChurchDesk would always recommend you to add both location name and address. You might think that most of your visitors are regulars and would, of course, know where your Sunday Worship or Youth Cafe takes place. But since your events are shown online (website, newsletter, Facebook) you have the potential of reaching beyond your regulars. And if people know where your events are taking place, it’s much more likely that they’ll show up

Where will the location name and address show?

If you’re using ChurchDesk to its full extend there are many places where your events can show including its location details. In the example below, we’ll show you how location details will show in the calendar feed (calendar view) on your ChurchDesk website. The same pattern goes for your newsletters, widgets, etc.

No location details added to the event
Both location name and address is added, but for simplicity, we only show the location name. When clicking the event, the address will show.
Only the address has been added to the event and it, therefore, shows in the calendar feed.

on a ChurchDesk website_

Location details in a newsletter sent from ChurchDesk People

Add location details to events

You can easily add location details to your events in the ChurchDesk Calendar. It’s important to add this information as it allows both regulars and newcomers to easily attend.

Location details get added automatically from booked resources
To save you time we’ll always auto-fill the location name and address based on the first resource that you book for the event. Should the location details that we added not match the location of the event it’s easy to change it.

As the location can vary from event to event we’ve made it possible to add location details in various ways.

Choose a recently used location name

When adding a location name you can type anything you wish to describe the location. But we assume that you’ll most often enter the same location. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we allow you to pick from a list of your recently used location names.

Search for an address in Google

Entering the address for your events is easy as you simply search for the address. We get the search results from Google and all you have to do is search for the address and hit enter. You’ll be able to make small adjustments hereafter, should the address not be exactly how you wanted it.

Enter address manually

Should you not be able to find the address by searching you’re able to manually enter your address.

Choose from booked resources

Each of your resources should have a location name and address. This is particularly useful when you need to enter an address as we allow you to select a location from the resources you’ve booked for the event.

Note: If you’re booking a resource without a location name and enter a location name for the event we’ll make sure to add that location name to the resource.

Manage location names and addresses for my resources

Since resources are either rooms or physical objects we’re asking you to enter location details to these. Whenever you book a resource we’ll suggest its location to ensure that relevant information about where the event takes place is publicly available. This way we can help event-finders and other search engines know what public events take place at your church.

To add or edit a location name or address for your resources you simply navigate to Calendar settings. From here you can edit your resources or add new resources.

Add and edit location details on the mobile

You can always see the location details of your events in the mobile app. However, it’s at the moment not possible to add/edit addresses for your events in the mobile app. Instead, we kindly ask you to use a desktop/laptop to add/edit the location details.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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