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Within Tags in People you can get an overview of all your tags, manage these and see how many contacts have been assigned to a specific tag.

You can also create new tags as well as renaming or deleting existing tags. Remember that renaming or deleting a tag will affect all contacts who have been assigned to that tag.

Create: Choose the blue button "Create" in the upper right to add a new tag to People.
Rename tag: Choose "More" and click on "Rename".
Delete tag: You can delete a tag by clicking "More" and the clicking on "Delete tag". Be careful of deleting a tag, as it applies to all contacts who were assigned this tag.
Create a list from a tag: Click on Create as list. Choose a name for the list. All people that have been given this tag are automatically on this list. If you give a contact that tag later on, or if they get it from a form, they will automatically get onto the list.

Mass tagging contacts: To mass tag contacts after having created a tag you want to use for a list, go to contacts - people.

Mark the contacts you want to tag. Then click on Manage contacts - add/remove tag:

Choose a tag and save.

There is no limit to the number of tags you can have.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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