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Edit an image in Studio - Crop, Resize and more

Step-by-Step Guide on how to edit images in ChurchDesk Studio

Once you have added an image to your message (either by uploading or choosing from the integrated image databases)
You need to click on the image with your curser
Then you will now have on the right hand side the option to to "Apply Effects & More"
Then an image editor opens up on the menu bar you have a broad set of options ranging from filters, crop drawing etc.

Resize image

Click the option resize
Now you have the option to define the pixel size of the image either by changing the absolute number of pixels or as percentages
You can also decide if the image must maintain the aspect ratio
Once you are satisfied click apply

Crop image

Click the option crop and you will get a range of popular aspect ratios which you can use to find the one you want to use

In the image editor you also have the options to put a filter on the image and much more.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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