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Create and Send a Standard Newsletter

Open the People module and click on " Messages" in the black bar on the left side.

You create a new newsletter by clicking on the blue "Create" button at the top right and then selecting "Newsletter".

You are now already in the "**Design**" section of the newsletter. This is the newsletter mask we have provided and which you can now fill with content.

Logo. You can find out how to set or change a newsletter logo here

Colour. You can find out how to change the colour of your newsletter here

Cover Image. When you move the mouse pointer into this area, a blue button will appear that says "Select Image". Select an appropriate photo from the images you have uploaded to ChurchDesk. 

Head Title. Choose an appropriate title for your newsletter and add it here using the right button "Add".

Text Editor. If you click in the empty space below the editor bar, you will have the option to compose a personalised message to your parish. For more information on the options provided here, see the overview video linked above.

Content Area. This is where you can insert the content you have written and optional headings, if applicable. The order of the frame content is fixed and cannot be changed. If you don't have content for one of the suggestions, just leave it blank. It will then not be displayed in the finished newsletter.

When you are done creating the newsletter, click on the second tab "**To and From**" in the line above. You now have the following options:

From: Choose between yourself and your parish as the sender.

To: Choose to whom the message should be sent (e.g. an individual contact, a list...).

Subject: Is identical to your heading from the "Design" section.

Below the message details, you will find a preview of the newsletter you just created. The left tab shows the desktop version, the right tab shows the view on mobile devices.

More: You can copy or delete the newsletter. Settings takes you to ChurchDesk settings related to the newsletter, such as logo or background colour. You can find more information about this in the introductory video above.

Save: Save your newsletter as a draft.

Send: Choose whether you want to send a test message to yourself now, plan the sending for later, or send the newsletter immediately.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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