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Filter events in the Calendar

Filter events in the Calendar

With filters in the calendar, you can easily create your own personal calendar, choose to view appointments in a specific church or category. Furthermore, you can easily and quickly get a monthly overview of the room availability.

Create your own calendar view with the calendar filter

You will find the filter on the left side of the calendar. There are three filtering options:

My personal calendar: In my calendars, you can choose to only to see events you are booked for. In addition to your own events, you can turn the holiday calendar on or off.

Other calendars: In other calendars, you can add resources and users that you want a quick overview of.

Church calendar: In church calendar you have all your event categories. If you see a checkmark on the Church Calendar, that means that all event categories are turned on. If there is a minus (-) on the church calendar, it means that one or more event categories are turned off. If the box is empty, it means all event categories are turned off.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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