Create absence from the Calendar by clicking on the "Create" and then choose "Absence" or you can click directly in the calendar and choose "Absence" in the pop-up.

You have to be a member of a group to create absences
You can as a point of departure only create absence for yourself
If you have the permission "Can manage absences" you can also create and manage absences on behalf of other users.

Absence information:

User: Choose the absent user
Date: Provide the date and time for which the absence applies. You can also create repeating absences
Type: What is the reason for the absence? E.g. Courses, Holiday etc.
Group: Choose a group to which the absence applies

Additional information

Substitute: Here you can write who should be the substitute on behalf of you
Comments: Write a comment, fx. information that is relevant for the substitute

Edit and delete absences

Absences are edited and deleted like any other calendar event.
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