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Create and Manage Categories and Resources in Taxonomies

Taxonomies is your initial setup in which your church defines your resources as well as event and blog categories and finally your types of absences. It enables you to customise your ChurchDesk account to fit your needs.

Click on your name in the blue tool bar
Choose "ChurchDesk Settings"
Click on "Calendar" in the black menu on the left side

We offer the following types of Taxonomies:

Church: Your churches, where you can group your resources together (this is only visible for customers on a Multi Church subscription)
Resources: Rooms and equipment you can book in the calendar.
Event categories: Types of events e.g. Sunday service or concerts.
Blog categories: Types of blog posts e.g. news and sermons.
Absence types: Types of absences you can have, such as vacation


A resource is a room or piece of equipment which you can reserve for an event. By booking a resource, you can avoid double bookings and easily get an overview of room availability.

ChurchDesk comes with suggestions for resources which you can easily change as you see fit.

Event categories

Event categories are the types of events you have at your church, e.g. Sunday service, concert, weddings etc. All events in the categories must be assigned one or more categories. That allows you to selectively display certain events online on your homepage and in your newsletter. Categories also allow you to create an overview, filter events in the calendar and export individual ical feeds from the calendar.

ChurchDesk has pre-populated your account with typical categories which you can add, edit and delete as you like.

Blog categories

A blog category is a selection of communicational content which you wish to engage your congregation with. Examples include:  Sermons, Thought of the Day, Festive News and Lectionary Readings. All blogs must be assigned a category so can you easily select which ones to publish via your newsletters and homepage.

Absence types

An absence type is used to organise various kinds of absences such as vacation, etc. You can freely edit and change them as you need.

How to add new taxonomies

To add new taxonomies, such as a resource, choose create and select the type of taxonomy you wish to add. 

Note that only users with the permission "Organisation Administrator" can add and change taxonomies. Editing a taxonomy is done by clicking the pencil icon or choosing the bin icon for deleting.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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