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Attendance can provide insight into church events and can help customize the Church offers to the parish. It gives an overview of the number of participants in the parish's worship services and events.
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Report attendance

When you want to report attendance, go to Attendance via the Calendar.

Here you will be presented with a table containing all the events created in the Calendar to date. Now you just fill out the fields that may be relevant to the event. After each entry, the number will be saved to the system and when you update the page, the table will be updated, so all reports will be moved to the next tab "Edit and export".

Tip! If there are events from the Calendar that are not displayed in the Attendance table, this may be due to a category that has not yet been added. Please see sections below (Select events for attendance_)._
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Select events for attendance

When setting up Attendance, you are asked to chose which events you want to report attendance for. If you are missing events after the setup, you can always add additional events by clicking on the "Add events" button in the top right corner.

What can I count?

In ChurchDesk you can track attendance for adults, children and communicants.

Children (under 16)

Choose vicar

When reporting the numbers, you can also register who was the vicar at this event. You can choose between the persons who have been created as a user in your ChurchDesk (those who have a ChurchDesk login).

Report attendance from your mobile

ChurchDesk Attendance gives you the possibility to register attendance from the ChurchDesk smartphone app, so you can report the numbers during or right after the event has take place.

Start counting

Via the ChurchDesk app you can count in different ways. You can either click directly on the category and type in a number or you can use the + and - to do the counting. When you are finished counting you can save the data in the top right corner.

Attendance reminder

To ensure that you don't forget to track the attendance, ChurchDesk sends a push-notification via the ChurchDesk mobile app. The push-notification will be sent to the users that are booked for event (not users who are on the rota).

The first reminder is sent 10 minutes after the event has started and the second reminder is sent 10 minutes after the end time of the event.

If you don't want push-notifications about attendance, you can disable them under your profile settings.

Edit Attendance

Already reported attendance can be found in the tab "Edit and export." Here you can edit already reported attendance.

Export Attendance

Whenever you need to export your attendance data simply click the "Export" button above the table.

You can export attendance in the following formats: csv, excel, ods.

If you only need to export attendance data for the alpha group or the worships then simply apply the filter above the table.

Click the "All events" button
Select the "Worship" category
Click the "Update table" button
And finally export in the format you need

Attendance charts

With good attendance statistics it is easier to find out what works and what does not.

Visualisation of numbers can make it easier to understand and communicate contexts. We are currently working different tools for this particular area.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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