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Check Transfers from ChurchDesk in your Bank Account

In ChurchDesk you can receive money for payments and donations which will be paid out monthly to your bank account in a single transfer per ChurchDesk account. You can read more about Stripe, fees, and transactions here.

In ChurchDesk you create two kinds of projects:

Payment project: When creating a payment project, you define a title. It could be "St. Pauls church choir concert." Payment projects are for regular payments and paying for tickets.

Donation project: When creating a donation project, you define a title. It could be "St. Pauls collection for church roof repair." Donation projects are for collecting money and allows for contributors to add gift aid to the donation.

Some churches receive ChurchDesk transfers into the same bank account. This guide explains how that can be easily managed.

How can you identify the transfer in the bank account?

ChurchDesk uses a payment provider called Stripe, which is an online bank restricted by the same legislations as physical banks. In your bank statement Stripe will write "Transfer" and in the transfer description it'll say "ChurchDesk".

We acknowledge that bank and ChurchDesk accounts can be used and shared in many different ways which can make it complicated to identify who collected what and where the money belong. We've identified two common scenarios and described solutions below.

Scenario 1: Each church has an individual ChurchDesk account, but share bank account

If each church has their own ChurchDesk Account, but are using the same bank account, two transfers will be made to your bank account. You should now log into your ChurchDesk or find the transfer receipt that was emailed to you. Here you'll be able to see the transferred amount and now distribute the fund directly to the individual church.

Scenario 2: Multiple churches share both a single ChurchDesk account and bank account

In ChurchDesk there is a simple export for each transfer which details all the related transactions including which project the transaction belongs to. Therefore simply make sure all projects that each church create include the church name. Then it is easy to see how much each church should receive.

You find the export by going to Transfers, there you can see all transfers that have been done and upcoming transfers. Click on one of the transfers in the section name "Recent transfers" and then export this as .csv, Excel file or Open Documents.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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