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Donation Widget

The donation widget automatically displays all your active donation projects. It can be embedded on any website. This article will show you how to customise your donation widget and where to find the code and QR Code for sharing. Gift aid is supported for donations made through the widget.

You find the icon for the widget on the left hand black sidebar of the module “Payments & Giving”.

Widget location

This is where you customise your widget. You can customise three different colours:

Primary colour: Background for your headline, the amount fields and the donation button.
Secondary colour: Background for your description.
Tertiary colour: Background for the amount fields and the donation button.

The text colour can not be changed. It automatically defaults to either white or black depending on the background colour to comply with EU accessibility guidelines.

Widget colour options

There is a preview below so you see what your donation widget is going to look like. It automatically shows an overview of all your active donation projects. You get more detail on a project by clicking on its headline.
When you are done, save by clicking on "Save" to the upper right.

Donation widget preview

To the right, you find the options to share your widget: The code to embed the widget on any website and a QR code.

Sharing options

Code for embedding the widget on a website

Click on “Get the code”:

Get embed code

Click on “Copy code”:

Copy embed code

You can now use this code to embed the widget on any website.

QR Code

Clicking on “Download QR code” will automatically download the QR Code for the widget.

You can use it on posters around your church to make it easy for people to scan it and thus get informed about your projects and donate on the go.

What happens when I click on the widget to donate?

When clicking on a project, you will get to choose either the low, medium or high amount preset in the project, or you can type in your own amount:

When clicking on “Donate”, you can choose to pay with your credit card or through Google Pay or Apple Pay.
Gift Aid is supported.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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