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Create and share projects

Create a project

You are able to create either a Donation project or a Payment project by clicking 'Create project'. Donation project has the option of accepting Gift-Aid. Gift-Aid is only an option for donation projects.

Add title, start date and stop date, description, Gift-Aid choice and image.
The date option enables you to control a time period in which you will be able to receive contributions. The system automatically lets people know that the contribution is closed if they have exceeded the time frame you have selected.

E-mail setup

We have already created a confirmation e-mail for you. You can choose to keep this or edit/create one of your own.

Make your e-mails more  personal by using the variables shown below the message such as first name etc. The system will automatically include the fields the contributor fills out.

Web setup

A dedicated "thank you" page has likewise already been created. You can customise it or create your own message. As mentioned above, remember to make the "thank you" page personal by using the variables. 

Share your Donation/Payment project

All projects will automatically receive an unique link that takes the user directly to the payment page. For example, share the link in e-mails, text messages, social media and/or on the website. The payment form works on all devices and is responsive for tablets and smartphones.

Close or delete a project

Go to a project by clicking on the name.
Click  More, then select delete or deactivate.

IMPORTANT: Once you deactivate a project you will not be able to activate it again. You can copy the project and use the new active version.

A project that has received donations or payments cannot be deleted.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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