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Service sign up form

Do you need people to sign up for the services, as there are limited seats in the church, then you can use the ChurchDesk form template. Here you can read how to create and manage a worship service registration form.

Create a form from the templates

ChurchDesk has created a template so it's easy for you to create forms. To create the form from the template:

Click the green "Create" button in the upper right
Select the " Religion Registration " template
Click the green "Use template" button

Our form is a standard form that asks for the following information at registration:

First name and surname
Mobile phone (not required)
Number of participants
Comment (not required)

In addition to this, an example description and confirmation email has been created that you can customize to your needs.

Customize the form

Once you have created the form from the template, you can start making the corrections you want.

Start by creating the form title so you know what date the registration is for. Then customize the form description that people can read before filling out the form. It may be information about precautions in the church, how many can be enrolled etc. The form's title will also show on the confirmation sent, so date is important.

You can then make changes to the form fields if necessary:

If there are any of the form fields that you do not want, you can click on the "Remove" button for that field.
If you want to change the title of some of the fields, you can do so by clicking "Edit" for each field
If you want to gather more information, you can add more form fields
You may add a consent so you can contact again later

Edit the number of participants:

Remove any waiting list registration by clicking "Remove" if you do not want to register for waiting list
Edit attendee number by clicking "Edit"

Form settings (Tab 2)

When the form looks the way you want, you should adjust the form's settings. Click the "2. Form settings" tab at the top.

Here you can enter a date for the form to open or close automatically. If you use this feature, the form opens or closes automatically on the date at midnight. It is not possible to insert a specific time.

In the "Message" field you can write the confirmation email. Here you can write precautions in the church and how they should act when they arrive. Describe any cancellation policy etc.

Add a key word that indicates that the contact has signed up for a service.

Note: The field "response limit" should not be used in conjunction with the ticket function. The form automatically locks when all "tickets" are reserved.

When you have finished editing, press the green "Save form" button.

Share the form

Add the signup link ("https: // / ..........") to the event and to the website.

Link to the form can also be shared in the church newsletter, on Facebook etc.

More registration forms

Create a new form for each service to register for. When the first form is arranged with your own texts and number of participants etc. it is easy to copy the form:

Click "Actions"
Select "Copy form"
The form is now a copy of the original, but without sign-ups of course

Manage registrations

Once registrations are made, you can look at the form overview, how many and who is registered. In the top right under "Tickets" you can see how many. Note that in the example here, we had 40 tickets for the service and 40 for a waiting list. All tickets are included in the overview.

You can download a list of registrations in several different formats by pressing the "Download" button

Registrations from senior citizens and other

Some of our churchgoers may not want to use digital sign-up. To handle an overall overview, it can be convenient for the church office to enter telephone sign-ups as they arrive. Then you ensure that you do not have to keep track of both manual and digital sign-ups on two different lists.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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