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Create and edit a form

The first thing you see when you go to ChurchDesk Forms is an overview of the forms you have already created. You can quickly see number of responses, when the form was created as well as the form status (open or closed).

Create a new form or use a template

Click the green button "Create form". You can now choose if you want to create a form from a template or a blank canvas.

Using a template is a great way to quickly create the form you need. You can either choose to use it as is or tweak it to fit your needs.

Create a new form

Creating a new form has two steps

Build the form: Drag and dropping the fields you need
Form settings: Decide how the form should work

Build the form
Make sure to write a fitting title and description, so it easy for people to understand purpose the form and why to fill it out.

ChurchDesk Forms is integrated with ChurchDesk People and therefore you can add two types of sections and fields in your form. 

Add Form Fields: Choose from the various field types. Customize and decide how they should work.
Add Contact Fields: These are fields you also have in People and which automatically create contacts in People if a respondent provides either email or mobile phone number in their reply. You can only add people fields to the form once you have added the section "Name and email".

All fields can be set to optional or required. All form fields can also be set as a "sensitive" field, so that only users with the permission "can access sensitive information" are to read the information.

Form settings
You can easily determine how you want the form to open, close as well as customize a message to the people who responds to your form. You can specify if there is a ChurchDesk user which should receive a notification for every submssion.

Also note that you can add which tags contacts created from the form should have in ChurchDesk People. You can indicate that the form should be closed after a specific response limit. Finally you may add a donation project to the form.

Edit a form

You can change all of the content including fields and settings on a form as long as you have not yet received responses on your form. Therefore we recommend that you don't share the form before you have tested it properly by providing a test reply which you can delete if you need to make changes to the form.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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