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It is possible to have one slideshow on your website. The slideshow can show the image and title of an event or blog post.

How do I control how many events and blog posts are shown in my slideshow?
To control how many activities are shown in the slideshow, you need to edit this in the Churchdesk Website module:


Now you can choose how many slides you want to display in your slideshow. To save the settings, click OK.

How do I display an event or blog post in my slideshow?

When you want a calendar event to appear in your slideshow, you need to:
Add event information
Make sure the event is set to show Public

Make sure to check Add event to slideshow on your website
Finish by saving

Blog post.
Make sure the event is set to show Public
Make sure to check Show in slideshow
Finish with save.

How do I edit the image to fit the slideshow?
In the blog post or event, you need to:
Go to the image and select Crop

We recommend the size 380 x 214 for images to be displayed in slideshows and blog posts

Select the Slideshow widget
Select the part of the image you want to display by dragging up and down with the yellow arrows
Finish with Save

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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