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Global Data
File Manager

The Content tab is your content library. This is where you input and edit your business information, in Global Data, and manage all your files that have been included on your website, in the File Manager.

Global Data

Global Data is your business information library where you can include general information about your company. All information added in Global Data is automatically structured using a standardized markup format for classifying content. This helps your website "get found" easier by search engines.

The Global Data section in Content include the following types of business information:

Business information
Opening hours
Cover image
Custom global data
Custom images
Structured lists
Price lists
Website links
Social links
Video links
Payments methods

File Manager

The File Manager is a library of all files that are being used and have been used on your website. When you upload a file in a module, in Global Data, or anywhere else in the Editor, it will be stored in the File Manager.

You can also upload files directly to the File Manager.

Files supported by the File Manager: The file manager supports the following file formats: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, ico, pdf, docx, doc, odt, rtf, txt, csv, pps, ppt, svg, webp*, xlsx, xls, epub and css. *webp is only partially supported on Safari 14

Edit your files:

click on the arrow next to the file name and add information to the file: description (alt text), keywords and author.

Are your files used on your website?

If a file is used on your website, you'll see a link icon below the file. If it's in use in Global Data you'll see a globe icon below the file. Hover the icons to get specific information on where the file is used on your website and in Global Data. You cannot delete files that are currently in use on your website. To be able to delete them, first remove them from the relevant modules or places where they are currently applied.

Upload files:

you have the option to add files directly in the File Manager, for example if you want to store image for future use. Click on the Upload files button, and select the files you want to upload.

File size: The upload size limit is 25 MB per file.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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