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How to insert a search module on your website

The Search module enables visitors to search for specific content on your website. The search can be done across your whole website or limited to showing hits on pages, shop products or blog post titles.

Click on the round blue symbol with a plus to insert a new module on the website and choose a Search module by selecting Search under the category Page navigation in the Add module overlay.

To edit your Search module after it has been added, double click in the module or click on the Edit icon. You can then expand and edit options under Design or Settings in the module overlay.

Search module behavior in preview mode: A website is only fully searchable once it has been published. The Search module is therefore not functional on the preview version of your website. Publish your website before trying out your Search module.


The Design section is where you change the background, border and spacing of your Search module. Click More local design options for additional styling options.

Searched content

Search results will include content from the following modules and features:

Text modules
Src and alt attributes of Image modules
Image list
Link and download

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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