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Map-module: Add a map to your page

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Use the Map module to highlight your location to visitors. You can add a Map module by selecting Map under the Company information category in the + Add module overlay.

How many card modules can I add per page? To ensure that cards load quickly and smoothly, you should not use more than one card module per page.


By default, the map module will use the address from your Global Data business information.

If you want to include an address other than your Global Data address, you will need to manually enter the full address or use latitude and longitude coordinates.

Example of latitude and longitude coordinates: 55.69888136, 12.53247896

You have the option to include multiple address pins on your map. To include an additional address, use the Other address or Latitude/Longitude field. Add even more addresses by separating them with a vertical bar (|).

If the second address is not visible** If you have added two addresses to your map, but the second address is not visible, remember to adjust the zoom level (in Settings) on the map.


In the Design section, you can change the general design such as background, border and spacing of your map module. You can also set the height, width and style of your card.

The height is based on pixels and the maximum height is 500px. Use the slider or enter your desired height in the field.

The width is shown as a percentage of the column width. 100% width means that the map module spans the entire column. Use the slider or enter your desired width percentage in the field.

When styling your map, you can choose from one of the following five style presets:

Black and white
Natural blue
Light gray


In Settings, you can change the zoom level and disable the directions feature on the map.

The zoom level sets how zoomed in or out your map should be by default - note that visitors can zoom in and out manually on the module. The zoom level ranges from 2-21, where 2 is fully zoomed out and 21 is fully zoomed in. The most typical zoom levels are 9-13, as illustrated below.

If you disable directions on your map, visitors will not be able to get directions to the address pinned on the map directly via the module.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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