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How to add churches to your Portal

The ChurchDesk Portal is able to present events from your churches on any of your websites as well as making reports for easy sharing of events across your deanery, district or diocese.

How to add a church to your Portal

Already after you have purchased the ChurchDesk Portal we will help to make sure that all your churches get a ChurchDesk calendar for free if the are not already using ChurchDesk.

We will also add all of your churches to your Portal by connecting their ChurchDesk calendar to your Portal. If the church already has a ChurchDesk account it can be done very quickly and their events will be available in your Portal. 

What if the church doesn't have a ChurchDesk account?

If you have purchased the ChurchDesk Portal all of your churches will be able to get a free ChurchDesk calendar. So simply provide us their contact details and we will help them get set up with their free ChurchDesk calendar.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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