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Heating and Energy Control via ChurchDesk

How can we connect to ChurchDesk?

There are two ways to connect to ChurchDesk. One is to connect to our iCal solution, which is described below. With this solution, your system will ask ChurchDesk if there are any changes.

You can also use our webhook API (PUSH). You can find the documentation here.

If you use this solution, ChurchDesk will send a message to your system if there are any changes.

How does the iCal solution work?**

ChurchDesk has created a calendar subscription through the ICS common calendar that can be used by a number of heating management or bell automation providers.

You can choose which room you want to heat. Your heating control supplier is also welcome to contact us and we will show them how to read the calendar feed.

How do I get started?

You will need to download a link to an ICS feed in ChurchDesk. This will give you the link to send to your provider:

Click on your name in the blue bar.
Select ChurchDesk Settings
Click on Church & Resources in the black bar on the left side

Here you can get an overview of all your resources. To get the link to the ICS feed, click on the "Actions" button as shown in the figure and click on "Export" for the resource you want to heat manage:

Copy the link in the Resources Calendar box and send it to your energy management provider:

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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