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With Groups in ChurchDesk it is easy to collaborate on work in and around the church. Each group section contains a series of features to facilitate internal communication and collaboration. These are:

Members: All groups have a membership list from where you can send messages, turn a user into an administrator or remove the member from the group
Files: When you upload files to ChurchDesk the files should be assigned to a group
Messages: Groups can communicate internally in a group by sending messages to all group members. Messages are available via email, app notifications and SMS as determined by the user in their account settings
Blogs: Groups can create blog posts and share within the group from where only members can comment
Calendar planning: The group has a shared calendar where internal events and absences can be created
Rotas: Some groups serve important functions or duties within the church. Therefore each group can have a rota assigned. For each event you can assign as many individuals from this group as necessary. Examples are the choir or Welcome Team where you primarily need more than a couple per event. You can read more about planning here.

Create a group

You create a group in the Intranet by clicking the green "New group" button in the top right side of the page.

Provide a fitting name and description for the group. If the group has a regular function in the church then assign said task to the group. You can read more about tasks and planning here

Add members to groups

You have to be a Group admin to add members to a group. Once you are an admin you go the group and the tab "Members". Here you select the green button "Add member". Users can also request access by going to a group via the group overview and choose the blue button "Join group".

Only people who have been created as users in ChurchDesk can become member of a group.

Make a user an admin of a group

Choose the tab "Members" and choose "Actions" for the given member". After which you can select the option "Make member". Note that this requires that you are an administrator of the group yourself.

Change group name, rota or delete the group

You can change the settings of group if you are an administrator. Go to the group overview, select the group and once in the group you click the cog wheel and select "Edit group". See below.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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