With Planning it is easy for your church to assign and manage recurring work between staff and volunteer teams.  With a single click you can print your Rota.

Terminology used in ChurchDesk

  • Planning: Planning is the feature that allows you to add events to rotas and to access which rotas you have been assigned to. If you don't have access to Rotas in the Intranet contact you customer success manager to get you started.
  • Rotas: A rota in church is recurring work or a duty that is frequently carried out in connection with church activities or events. You define your rotas for your church. Examples could be Welcoming, Reading or Coffee at a service which is handled by separate groups. If you are part of Church of England typical rotas could be Sides people, Intercession etc.
  • Groups: Every rota belongs to a group. That could be "Hospitality", "Readers", "Choir", "Sides people" - you can create the groups fitting to your church. A user has to be a member of the specific group before they can take on a rota slot assigned to said group. Users can request to join a group, but the membership should be a approved by the group admin.
  • Group member: Users can be a member of one or more groups.
  • Group admin : A group admin functions as the administrator for the group and can edit the group, manage the rotas for the group by assigning or un -assigning group members.

Examples of groups and rotas

Typical groups and rotas which Planning can help you manage:

  • Choir: Often a group consisting of organists/musicians and singers that are jointly responsible for the "choir" rota at a service.
  • Hospitality: Often a group of the same people, volunteers or employees, who responsible for the "hospitality" rota and thus taking care of coffee, tea, biscuits or similar.
  • Wardens: A small group of people in your church who take on the task to serve as "wardens".

How do I add an event to a rota?

Go to the event and select the third tab "Add to rotas"

Choose a rota from the "Add a rota" drop down that you want to add to the event or create new rota by clicking the green "Create new rota" button. If you create a new rota, you will be asked to assign the rota to an existing group or create a new group. You can only choose an existing group that doesn't already have a rota assigned.

Once you have selected the desired rota you can assign a user or leave it unassigned which will enable the group members to assign themselves.
Please note that, the group admin can always assign a member of a group to the rota.


If a person has been assigned to a rota then they will automatically receive an email notification as well as a reminder three days before the event.

It is also possible to write a note to the members who have been assigned a certain rota duty for an event. 

Manage my rotas (Group member)

Via Rotas in the Intranet sidebar all users can access their upcoming rotas and the associated event in the tab "My rotas".  Users can unassign themselves as well as view event details by clicking on the event.

Furthermore, all users will receive an overview of all unassiged rota slots related to groups they are a member of, which allows them to assign themselves to the rota.
You can find this view on the righthand side under the heading: ''Available rota slots''.

Manage rotas across users (Group admin)

A group admin functions as an administrator for the group. As such the group admin have the option to manage, assign and unassign users for all members of the group.

The tab "Manage rotas" provide the group admin access to assign and unassign users. If a rota is updated the involved user will receive an email notification.

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