Why do we have to change our IP address?

By the end of February ChurchDesk will be making changes to their servers. Along with this change you will need to update your IP to ensure that your website will keep showing.

ChurchDesk is switching servers for a couple of reasons. First of all the server switch will lead to performance improvements. We’re always looking for ways to make things faster to deliver a better experience for those who visit your website. 

The server switch will also allow us to give all ChurchDesk websites a free SSL certificate. What’s a SSL certificate you ask?

SSL is a digital certificate for website that ensures secure server connections and maximum privacy for online users. In an attempt to make the internet safer Google has announced that all websites with SSL certificates get a boost in their search machine. And due to the server switch we’re doing now, all ChurchDesk website customers will get this for free!

Who is my domain host?

If you do not know who your domain host is, you can check it here:

In the field “Domain name” type: a:domainname.com
Example: a:domkirken.dk

You find your domain host in the line “dns check”, in this example, the domain host is: Danhost.dk.

If the IP address shown is not, then you need to change it to this IP address.

If in doubt, you can always contact [email protected] and we'll help you find the information.

How to change the IP address

When you have found your domain host and have logged in, you need to find DNS settings tool. When you find this, you should easily spot your current A-Record, which should have our current IP address:

You now need to edit the A-Record and change the IP address to:

We have more than one domain - then what?

If you have more than one domain showing your ChurchDesk website, you need to change the IP address for all of the domains. If you're not sure if you have several domains, please don't hesitate to contacts us at [email protected] to allow us to check this for you.

We want all our domains to redirect to one specific domain

If you have several domains and you want all traffic to be redirected to one specific domain, send an email to [email protected] and let us set up the redirect for you, just let us know which domain should be the main domain and which domains should redirect to this one.

Help I don’t understand what I am suppose to do

We are happy to help you changing the DNS either via phone or in a screensharing session. You can even share your login details with our support and they will apply the changes for you.

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