What if ChurchDesk Forms is not included in my plan?

If ChurchDesk Forms isn't enabled for your church today you can reach out to [email protected] and Customers Success Manager will help upgrade your plan - giving you access to ChurchDesk Forms.

Will the old webforms on the website still work?

Yes! Your data and current webforms are safe and still active. ChurchDesk will however not continue development or provide support on the old webforms for customers that have the new ChurchDesk Forms.

Is it possible to import contact info from a submission to People?

Yes! And it is easy. When you build your form simply drag in a person section. A person section creates a direct link to People and either creates a new contact by name and email, or updates an already existing contact in People. You therefore don't have to export/import your data manually. The People sync happens automatically.

Why are my submissions not being synced to People?

For data to be synced to People you need to have a person section added to your form. All person sections include name and e-mail and allows you to add additional People fields, such as mobile phone, gender, birthday, etc. ONLY People fields can sync to People. For the sync to work we need to receive at least an e-mail or a mobile phone number. Therefore ensure that either e-mail or a mobile phone number is a required field.

E-mails and a mobile phone numbers allows us to identify a contact in People. If no match is found we create a new contact with the information received. If a match is found we add the new information from the submission. We never add information if it already exists – meaning information is never replaced.

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