What is the benefits of calendar designed for churches

ChurchDesk calendar is an electronic calendar, where selected users contribute to a common calendar enabling them to collaborate and communicate by sending invitations and share events. 

Is not just a simple Calendar; the calendar is specially made to meet the unique needs of the church. 

Firstly case in point, ChurchDesk is a cloud based system. This allows everyone to easily create, update and manage activities, attendance and access the calendar from wherever they are; be it from their home computer or via the mobile app on the go. 

Be connected with your church never been so easy and convenient.

How the calendar will help your church

Manage and book your activities: A shared calendar for everyone. Everyone is in-touch, everyone is updated 

With ChurchDesk it is easy to handle all aspect of managing your church activities. Within the Calendar, you can manage the booking of volunteers and staff members, as well as notify and message them. 

  • Create events and easily book Users
  • In one click invite a Group to an event
  • Notify Users to an event by e-mail, SMS or push notifications
  • Message your group members and be in touch with your colleagues likewise, coordinate work responsibilities 
  • Export your ChurchDesk Calendar to your private Calendar 

Share your activities on website, newsletter and elsewhere: Never been easier to engage your community

Through your ChurchDesk Calendar we enable you to book your activities, promote and share them on your website, newsletter, contact list, social media, and so on. Attract and engage with your community through your ChurchDesk.

  • Add your link event to your Newsletter and spread the activities with your community
  • Add your link event to your Website or social media and engage with your congregation and attract new members
  • Message your link event with your List depending on the interests of your List. Right event to the right people. 
  • Create and insert a calendar view on your website
  • Embed your ChurchDesk Calendar on any website
  • Export your ChurchDesk Calendar to Sogn.dk
  • Share events across churches both for newsletters and websites 

Manage staff availability: Get an easy overview of the ones that are available

The Calendar also serves as the hub for managing staff availability. With ChurchDesk Calendar you can have an overview of the staff availability, as well create staff absences.

  • Add staff absence to your Calendar overview, choose a group to which the absence applies and write who should be the substitute 
  • While creating an event, you are able to rapidly identify the users that are available or not (available/busy status)

Resource management - Avoid double booking and get an overview of booking resources

With ChurchDesk Calendar you can book your resources, have an overview of the resources that are available as well, avoid double booking.

  • Book room availability
  • Request hall rental via a form

Manage rotas with volunteers and staff members: Assign rotas and be ready to work

With ChurchDesk Calendar while you are creating an event you can assign a rota to an event in order to split work responsibilities. You are able to assign users and volunteers or let them assign themselves.

  • You can assign directly a volunteer or staff to a rota or can be assigned later by team leaders
  • The volunteers can add themselves to an available rota slot
  • Planning overview: the group’s members and admin have access to a planning overview
  • Group members: can access their upcoming rotas and the associated event
  • Group admin: have the option to manage, assign and unassign users for all members of the group

Manage registrations to your activities: Save time and easy follow-up

The Calendar also works as a platform to manage registration for activities. Easily send event registration, request event information and receive quick registration feedback from your invitation. Collect all the information that you need in a single point.

  • Send an event registration through Forms to your People contact, List of contacts and Groups 
  • Request an event information through Forms to your People contact, List of contacts and Groups 
  • Share an event information Form through website, newsletter and social media
  • Share an event registration Form through website, newsletter and social media
  • The users of ChurchDesk are able to respond saying yes, no or maybe to your event invitation

Track attendance: Get an overview of your popular activities

With your ChurchDesk Calendar, you can monitor the attendance of your events. This feature enables you to provide insight into church events and help you in customizing the Church offers to the parish. It gives an overview of the number of participants in the parish's worship services and events.

  • Select events for attendance
  • To ensure that you don't forget to track the attendance, ChurchDesk sends a push-notification to the booked users via the ChurchDesk mobile app
  • Through our ChurchDesk App, you can report event attendance 
  • Edit and export attendance reports
  • Gain insights by visualizing attendance in charts in your ChurchDesk


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