Before you create a sign-up box on the homepage, you have to create tags in the People module. Here you can see how to create tags.

Create a sign-up box

  • Go to the HOMEPAGE module
  • Click on the green + and chose "Subscribe View"

Now you have to fill out the form like this:

  1. Create a title
  2. Make a description (this is optional)
  3. Chose which tags people should get added to
  4. Chose which information you want people to provide

Insert newsletter sign-up box on the homepage

When you have created a subscribe view you can insert it on the homepage like this:

  1. Go to the page, where you want to insert the subscribe view and click in 'Edit'
  2. Scroll down to left/right block
  3. Click in the field - none -
  4. Chose "Subscribe view: [title]"
  5. The save the page at the bottom right corner

Here you can see what a newsletter sign-up box looks like

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