Identify who is hosting your domain right now

When you want to go online with your ChurchDesk website, two steps need to be completed, one by the you and one by ChurchDesk.

Many will not know which provider is hosting their domain. Here you can look up who is your domain hoster 

Example, is hosted by So you will have a login to Danhost. Some providers do the settings for their customers, if the customer sendt the provider the information needed:

Change DNS setting by logging into your domain hosting service

When you have figured out which provides is hosting your domain, you need to login to you provider and change your DNS settings.

Two DNS records needs to be created. Main domain and a pointing to ChurchDesk's server

  1. Recommended setup is an A-record ( pointing to
  2. CNAME pointing to

Inform ChurchDesk support

When you want to go online with your website, you need to inform ChurchDesk support as well, because the support department needs to connect your domain to your ChurchDesk account.

Send an email to [email protected] with your domain name/s

Wanna transfer your domain to another hoster?

There are a lot of domain hosting providers out there in case you want to change. ChurchDesk can recommend

If you want to change provider to, you can go to their website and contact them. They will help you transfer the domain.

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