In "Transfers" in Payments & Giving you can view recent transfers that are made to the church, as well as future transfers. You will also see orders of magnitude, number of transfers etc.

Set up transfers

In order to receive Payments & Givings you must fill out some basic information, like the church's bank account so that we know where the money should be transferred to.

You can fill out the information by clicking on the blue "Fill Here" button at the top of the Payments & Giving page. If you are logged into the ChurchDesk, simply click the button here:

The following information must be completed in order to receive donations and payments:

  • Church Representative: ┬áThis is the person at the church who can be contacted if there any questions related to the payments and donation projects which have been set up at your church
  • VAT number: If you do not have a VAT number, you can type 0 in the field. Note that it is the church's responsibility to secure permission to receive donations.
  • IBAN: IBAN must be specified with no spaces.
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