With filters in the Calendar it is easy to make your own calendar customised to your needs by selecting events in categories, groups, resources or absences. You can also easily room availability up a month in a single view.

Use the filter to customise your Calendar

You find the filter at the right hand side of the Calendar view. Click the arrow and the filters will slide open.

Here you can filter all events based on four parameters. Note that if you want to filter events - then first uncheck all filters which by default is enabled.

  • Categories: In the filters you can select the events you have created in taxonomies.
  • Users: Here you can see all the users created in your ChurchDesk account.
  • Resources: All the resources you have created in Taxonomies will appear in the filter automatically.
  • Absences: Check the absence types and get an easy overview.

Get an overview of room and other resource availability in a weekly or monthly view

The short video below will show you how to easily get an overview of resource availability. You can select which rooms and other resources you want to check availability of as well as seeing it in a weekly or monthly view.

You select the filter on the right hand side. Start by clicking "Uncheck all filters" after which you can select the resources you want to check. In the Calendar view you can select to view the availability on a daily, weekly or monthly level.

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