We've made significant improvements to the way you manage your Rotas in ChurchDesk. The improvements are based on feedback and close collaboration with many parishes across the UK.

Here's what we've done!

  • We’ve introduced a new schematic overview of the Rota where you can easily assign and unassign volunteers to your rotas
  • It is easy to share your rota on your website or in e-mails. Simply share a link - no need to login to see the always updated rota
  • All rota management is done from the calendar
  • Rotas can now easily be added to everyone's personal calendar as well as viewed in our mobile app
  • As a Team Lead you'll receive a notification when someone unassigns themselves

Want to learn more?

Come join us for our webinar April 25th at 12 pm. where you'll learn more about how you manage a rota in ChurchDesk. We'll also demonstrate how you benefit from the new improvements we've introduced.

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