What's new in Calendar 

Create new resources from an event + Save and notify easily

You can now easily register a new resource when you’re creating an event. We’ve also  made it easier to notify users when you update an event in the calendar.


Get a notification when a user declines a booking

You’ll now receive a notification if you’ve booked a person for an event who then declines the invitation.

Easily close the calendar pop-up

The quick view of an event in the calendar is now easier to close.

What’s new on Homepage 

Edit your calendar and blog views where they are

It’s now much easier to edit your views on the website. Simply find the text view, blog view or calendar view that needs editing and click the newly added pencil icon in the top right.

What else is new? 

Invite new users when you need it

We’ve now made it easier to invite staff and volunteer users from more places. When you’re scheduling your rota - you can invite a user. When you’re creating events - you can invite a user. And when you’re managing your groups - you can invite a user.

Your settings in one place

For a while we’ve kept our settings separate, but to show clearly how your ChurchDesk can be customised we’ve started to move settings into one place. With this update you can manage your users from Settings as well as People settings. More will be added later.

The new Settings can be found in the user menu (behind your name).

Book a meeting with your account manager from the new “Get help” menu

We’ve combined the “Support” button and the “Chat” icon into one button from where you can always get help.

  • Write directly with us
  • Seek help and inspiration via guides
  • Get our phone number

Finally, you can book a meeting with your assigned account manager.

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