ChurchDesk has made an agreement with Openli for a cookie solution for the church's website. The guide here describes how to create a free account with Openli and implement it on your website.

At the bottom you will find a description of how to upgrade to a paid solution at Openli as well as an overview of the difference between othe paid and the free solution.

Create an account at Openli

Go to the site
Click on the blue "Sign up" button at the top right or on the "Get started" button
Enter name, email address, church name, selected password, phone no. and country
Openli's Terms of Service must be accepted. Read them first ;-)
Openli sends an email with link to activate account

Activate your Openli account and design your cookie pop-up

You will first be asked to answer a few questions about the church

Specify whether you want a trial access to the full edition or whether you want to start with the free edition. If you are going to continue with the free edition, you might as well just set up the features here that you can continue with.

Enter the church's URL:
You now have a few options for editing the design of your Cookie pop-up. A more advanced design requires the expanded version of Openli.
Add the church name at the top and choose whether the cookie pop-up should appear at the bottom left or at the bottom right.
The shield will in future be a link to cookie settings. It will be displayed in the lower left or lower right corner.
Press Save and continue when ready.

Now your cookie pop-up is designed

Install Cookie pop-up on website

Click Install the cookie pop-up ...
Copy the entire script code from <script> to </script> (Note that the code takes up more space than the window

Go to your own website. Select Toolbox and Adjust Theme . Almost at the bottom of the page there is a section called Advanced custom Javascript.

The entire script code you copied from Openli must be inserted here. Don't forget to save configuration.

Add link to the church's cookie policy

In the cookie pop-up, you must insert a link to the church's cookie policy.

Many churches have an overall privacy and cookie policy. Our recommendation is to separate them into two documents (web pages). The privacy policy should contain a link to the cookie policy and the cookie policy can then also be linked directly to from the site's cookie pop-up. 

From the Openli's website, select "Add a cookie policy ..."

Press the green button at the bottom "Create your own policy"![](
Start by typing a title, e.g. "Xxx Church Cookie Policy"
Then write or paste the church's cookie policy and press the green "Save draft" button when you are done
Browse, if necessary edit further and press the "Save notes" button when done. Whenever you make major changes to the cookie policy, you can add a note, which is saved in a log, so you can later see what changes were made.
You then get another chance to edit. Press "Publish now!" when you are ready

Block cookies on your website

Get Churchdesk Support to do it - or follow these instructions:

You can either follow the instructions on the Openli's page here or ask ChurchDesk Support to do it for you. You need to change the scripts on your website (eg Google Analytics) so that they can be read by Openli.

Similarly, embedded media files (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) must be marked to prevent them from starting to play before cookies are accepted.

We have an automated solution coming from Openli. Until it works, ChurchDesk support solves the task manually.

NOTE that Openli does not yet automatically ensure that an embedded video from e.g. YouTube, will not be played unless a marketing cookie has been granted. ChurchDesk Support can help with setup.

Remove the old ChurchDesk Cookie pop-up

Get Churchdesk Support to do it - or follow these instructions:

The old cookie pop-up is removed with a blunt CSS code inserted in the Custom CSS section, under Adjust Theme:

/* CSS: Hide ChurchDesk's cookie pop-up, because a different cookie provider is in use. Added by [NAME] [DATE] */ #sliding-popup.sliding-popup-top .popup-content { display: none; }

Feel free to replace NAME and DATE with your name and date

Upgrade to a paid solution from Openli

It should be emphasized that a paid solution from Openli is not necessary to have an effective cookie blocking, but there are certain benefits.

Difference between paid and free solution

Cookie Free Vs. Cookie Essential

Basically, in the paid version of Openli you can edit the appearance of the cookie pop-up yourself and you can automatically update your cookie policy with new cookies that Openli has identified. In addition, there will be a slightly longer waiting time for support at Openli (but not at ChurchDesk).

If you choose the paid solution

Enter the discount code CHURCHDESK when you order Cookie Essential, and $ 9.00 will automatically be deducted from the normal price of $ 29.00 per month

Insert en page with cookie policy (in the paid solution from Openli)

First find the public key of your cookie policy: Click Agreements in the Openli Dashboard and copy the key:

Create a new page on your ChurchDesk website
Click the Source Button in the toolbox above the body
Insert this code:

Replace INSERT_KEY_HERE with the key copied from Openli

Set page title to "Cookie Policy" and save

Go to Settings in the Toolbox menu and select the new Cookie Policy page in Cookie Policy Settings
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