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Live streaming of Church services on the ChurchDesk website


Facebook page and plugin

If you do not already have a Facebook page for the church, then you should start by creating one.
Insert your Facebook feed from your Facebook page onto your front page - start by getting a plugin for your facebook page here (select small header, hide cover photo and untick “Show Friends Faces) and copy the code.
Go to your front page on the website, create a new text view, insert the code by selecting the "source" icon and place the new text view on your front page.

Create a blog post for your new online service

Create a new category of blog posts “Online Services”
Create a blog post - It is a good idea to create a new blog category for the purpose. Find a great image and add the blog post to your slideshow. Write some text on the concept of your new services.
Create a blog view for your new online services on your front page

Just before the service (You need one person besides the priest)

Start Live Streams

The priest opens the church's Facebook page in the Facebook app on the mobile phone, selects “create lookup” and afterwards the option “Go Live”. Then put the phone in a Tripod Stand or equivalent that can hold the phone still.

Post the live stream to your website

The assistant opens your Facebook page on the computer where your Live Stream is and selects the button for more options on the posting.
When you select “Embed” you get an iFrame code. Copy the iFrame code.
Open your blog posts, from which you would like the Service to be shown, in groups.
Select the gear for editing and where you have the opportunity to edit the text in the blog post you can insert the iFrame code by selecting the <>
Save the blog post.

Your service is now being streamed live on the website and on Facebook. You can also subsequently post the service in a newsletter by including that blog post.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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