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Insert cover image on web page

A cover image may be put on the top of any web page to support the content of the page.  Cover images are shown in the full width of the page.

Please note: Cover images are only available in theme 6, 7, and 8.

This is how a cover image may look on a web page:

How to insert a cover image on a web page

Create a new page (Click Create Content) or edit an existing page
Below the body of the page you find a box with a button for image selection
Select an image from the file archive. Or upload a new image. Be careful with the image size and make sure the important part of the image is in the center. Cover images are responsive and may change with a change in screen size.

Insert cover image above calendar view etc.

Cover images can be inserted on web pages only. If you want to have a cover image above a calendar view, a blog view or a gallery view, follow these steps:

Create a new blank page
Check the box at "Hide page title"
Insert cover image
Insert the calendar view in the section "Upper half of the page body"


Updated on: 02/05/2023

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