How to create a new page

Change to the website in the App-switch menu in the upper left corner.
Click on "+ Create content" in the top right corner and choose "page".
Create a title, write your content and maybe add content to upper/bottom block (calendar-views, blog-views, text-views, newsletter sign-ups etc.).
Choose where on the website you want to show this page by ticking off "Provide a menu link." Here you can add a description and in "Parent item" you choose where the page should be located.
Click on "Save".

How to edit an existing page

Navigate to the page you want to edit.
Click on "Edit" on the right.
Make your changes and hit "Save".

How to restore a previous version of a page

Navigate to the page you want to restore.
Click on "Revisions".
Click on the date and time you want to restore to.
Click on "Revert" to use this version.

Embed a PDF- or Word-file on your website

How to embed a file on your website (only for users with the role "homepage"). In order to be able to embed a file (eg. a PDF-file or a Wordfile) it has to be uploaded to the file manager.

Go to the page you want to embed the file on and click on "edit".
Highlight a part of the text or write something that will function as a link, eg. "Summary of internal meeting".
Click on the link-icon and write the name of the file in "search for content". Choose the file from the drop-down options.
Decide whether the file should open as a new tab or as the same tab.
Click on "insert link".
Finish by clicking on "save".

How to add a picture to a page

Remember that all images and other files used on your website must be uploaded to your ChurchDesk File manager first. Here you can find a guide for the File manager.

Go to the page where you want to insert the picture and click 'edit'.
Put the curser where you want to insert the picture and click on the picture-icon.
Click on 'Browse' to get access to the File manager.
Find the picture you want to add and click 'Select'.
You can adjust the picture size and when you are finished click 'Ok'.
To edit the picture right-click on the picture and chose 'Image properties'.
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