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Create and insert a calendar view

A calendar view fetches events from the calendar and shows them on the website. You can create a calendar view that shows all public events or you can chose specific event categories or ressources to show in your calendar view.

A calendar view can be inserted into the upper/bottom part of a page or as a menu item.

NB! A calendar view can show up to 10 pages or a maximum of a 100 events at a time

How to create a calendar view

Click on "+ Create content" and choose 'Calendar view
Create a title
Choose one or more event categories and/or ressources
If you want to show the calendar view as a menu item, tick off 'Provide a menu link'
Click on 'Save'

How to add a calendar view to a page

Go to the page you want to add the calendar view and click on 'Edit'
Scroll down to upper/bottom block and choose the calendar view you want to display on the page
Click 'Save' in the bottom

How to edit a calendar view

Click on the gear icon and choose 'Content manager'
Click in the field - Any -, chose 'Calendar view' and hit 'Update'
Find the calendar view you want to edit and click the edit button on the right-hand side
Make your changes and click 'Save'

How to create a calendar view that shows events from other churches

You can share events from other churches using ChurchDesk on your website.

To show events from other churches, click in the field "church" and choose which churches you want to show events from. You can choose categories and ressources as well and the click 'Save'.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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