Custom Google Site Search

If you want a search field on your website, you can create a custom Google search field, that will only search your website. More information regarding the Google Custom Site Search can be found here:

NB! You need to add your own domain name (like to the Google Search field you are creating via Google. It will not work if you add a ChurchDesk domain like

Follow the steps from the guide and modify the code as described below:

The following is an example script provided by Google ( Does not work on ChurchDesk websites):

<script async src=""></script><div class="gcse-search">&nbsp;</div>

To get it to work you will have to replace the following line:

<div class="gcse-search"></div>

with the code below:

<style type="text/css">.gsc-control-cse * { box-sizing: initial; }
  .gsc-search-button { line-height: normal; }
<div class="gcse-search"></div>

Make sure that there is no space after the "?" in the script copied from Google.

BAD: cx=000000000000000:cccccccc

Add the search field to the website

This is how you insert the search field when you have gotten the code from Google:

  • Go to HOMEPAGE
  • Click on "+ Create content" an choose Text View
  • Add a title for the Text view
  • Before you add the code into the text box, click on "Switch to plain text editor" below the text box
  • Save the Text View

Now you can add the Text View to a page on the website in the upper/bottom block.You can see more about creating and adding text views to the website here.

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