Add a Form to your website

At this point you have probably already played around with ChurchDesk Forms. Maybe you have even linked to the form somewhere on your website or within a People Message. But did you know that you can actually place a link in the main menu directly to you form?

This guide will tell you how!

Note: You will need to copy the form URL to carry out this step of the guide. Therefore please ensure that you have already created a form before proceeding. Learn how to create a form.

1. Insert your form as a link

  • Navigate to the page you want to insert the link
  • Click on 'Edit' and either past the link directly into the text or click on the link button
  • In the filed 'Search for content' your write the name of the form and the click on the relevant form, or you can paste the link directly into 'Link URL'
  • Under 'Target' you can chose if this form should open in a new tab
  • End the session by clicking 'Insert link'
  • Save the page in the bottom

2. Insert form as a menulink

  • Copy the link to the form and go to HOMEPAGE
  • Click on the gear icon and chose 'Top Menu'
  • Click on 'Create' and chose 'Link'
  • Write a title for the menulink
  • Insert the link to the form into the filed 'Path'
  • In the field 'Parent link' you can chose where on the homepage the form should be a menulink
  • End the session by clicking 'Save'

3. Insert a form directly on a page (as an iFrame)

Get iFrame Code

  1. Go to ChurchDesk and access Forms.
  2. Open the relevant form.
  3. Click on "</> Embed Code"
  4. Copy the iFrame Code in the box

Now that you have created your form as an iFrame, we head over to the Homepage to create a page that can be placed as a link in the menu.

Create a page and paste iFrame Code

  1. Go to ChurchDesk and access Homepage.
  2. Click on the create button (the green + in the top left corner) and click on Page.
  3. Give your page a title, ex. Contact us.
  4. Paste in your iFrame code created earlier.
  5. Click the "Provide a menu link" checkbox to allow the page to be shown in the menu. 
  6. Give your link a title, ex. Contact us.
  7. Choosing "Main Menu" in the "Parent item" field will allow the form to be accessible from every page. Meaning visitors always knows how to contact you.
  8. Now click on "Save".

Now you should have a direct link to your contact form in you main menu.

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