Add contacts to a newsletter list

You have two options for adding existing contacts to a newsletter list.
1. Migration of an existing filter when creating a new newsletter list.
When you open a newsletter list via "Create - Create Newsletter List" in the upper right corner of the "People - Lists" - section, a window will open.
Enter a title for the newsletter list.
Choose whether you want to migrate contacts of an existing filter to the new newsletter list. The old filter itself will remain in parallel with the new newsletter list under Lists in the "Filter" tab. You can delete it manually if necessary.
For multi-community installations: Select which communities you want the contacts on this newsletter list to be associated with and which communities are allowed to use this newsletter list. 
Save the list by clicking on "Create".
The contacts associated with the previous filter are now on the new newsletter list. 
2. Adding the contact to the newsletter list manually in the profile of the individual contact
Locate the contact in question in the People module.
Click on the contact's name to open the associated profile.
Click on the "Settings" tab. 
In the "Newsletter Subscriptions" box, check the applicable newsletter list(s). 

The contact is now on the selected newsletter list(s).

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