A basic overview of the controls in the Studio editor

Design your message

In this part is where you design your message and add your content

On the right hand side you have the controls for making your message

Content - add the type of content you need

  • Columns - split your message up into multiple columns
  • Buttons - e.g. add a sign-up button for your events
  • Dividers - you can add dividers between your content blocks
  • Heading and Text
  • Image
  • Social media - it is easy to add your various social media channels
  • Video - Add a tumbnail and link to your videos that are hosted online


  • If you are using one of the templates as designed by ChurchDesk you don't need to use this
  • Here you can add any block of different types of content to your message. A block can be split in one or more columns


  • Here you can change the default font of the message
  • Changing the default text color is also here


  • Easily find any image you may like and drag it into the message to either add it or replace any image

To and From

Define the sender and the recipient and ensure that your message have a relevant subject line. Here you can also review how your message will look like on a desktop email client or on a mobile device.

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